• Print registration via lid material elongation
  • Lateral web control for lid material
  • Polycarbonate machine guarding with interlocked doors on operator side
  • ELAU Servo control system
  • Splice detection forming and lidding material, inside and outside
  • ACLAR package including plug assist
  • PVDC package
  • 2x Aylward feeders
  • Uhlmann Vision System for fill control
  • Domino Laser Marking system including unwind stand
  • VisioRead Print inspection system
Technical data
Single stroke min./max. 15/50/min
Multi stroke min./max. 30/200/min
Index in feeding area min./max. 64/272/min
Web width min./max. 100/300 mm
Punching width 28 x 284 mm
Forming depth 12 mm