UPS 1070

  • Complete ELAU upgrade with 15" TFT TouchControl screen
  • Complete mechanical overhaul
  • Lateral web control forming film
  • Cutting and splicing table
  • Splice detection
  • 3 zone heating station
  • Berlex feeding boxes with product level control
  • Safety flap
  • Camera inspection for product, print position and product verification after sealing
  • Lid foil unwind stand from the rear to include cut and splice table, splice detection (inside and outside), low level monitoring, reversing shoulder and lateral web control
  • Sealing station
  • Contact station
  • Embossing station
  • Punch station
  • Vacuum belt outfeed
  • Upgrade to main pneumatics with air dump valve
Technical data
Max. output 1200 blister/min.
Foil width min 150 mm, max 300 mm
ET index min 130 mm, max 280 mm
MT index min 30 mm, max 120 mm
Blisterlanes max 3-lanes
Blister dimension length min 30 mm, max 120 mm
Blister dimension width min 60 mm, max 284 mm
Forming depth max 10 mm (PVC foil) max 8/10 mm (Alu foil)