C 2205

  • Vacuum conveyor suitable for diverse blister arrangements and infeed capacities
  • Integration of up to four magazines of various design possible
  • Patented, rotary carton pick-up with mechanical pre-break function
  • Processing of all carton qualities
  • Integration of folding machine for leaflets from stack or roll possible
  • Drive assembly integrated on the rear side - for easy access
  • Fast format changeover due to few format parts, light weight tools and automatic positioning of all stations at the touch of a button
  • GMP-compliant machine design for straightforward cleaning and maximum pharmaceutical safety
  • Central touch screen operation with 3D visualization
  • Optimum accessibility for easy maintenance, cleaning, product and format changeovers
  • Diverse configurations in line or at an angle
  • Integration of separate production data acquistion system possible
  • Predestined for line integration with the central line control system SCADA
Technical data
Max. output 250 cartons/min.
Pitch 5"
operating mode continuous
Types of closure tuck-in and hot-melt
Carton Size [AxBxH] max. 100 x 90 x 150 mm
No. of blisters max. 10
Blister stack height max. 85 mm
Machine width approx. 2,010 mm
Machine height approx. 1,900 mm
Machine length approx. 5,350 mm